Get to know Kremen’s newest faculty members

The Kremen School of Education and Human Development is proud to introduce five of our newest faculty members to Fresno State. We have faculty who is a CSU graduate and faculty from Taiwan and Turkey. Collectively they offer a wide range of expertise and we are excited for them to share their vast knowledge with our Fresno State community.

Dr. Christina Bosch 

Assistant Professor
Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education

Dr. Christina Anderson Bosch is an incoming assistant professor in the department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education at Fresno State with a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her Fulbright-funded dissertation contributes to comparative special education research through a mixed-methods survey validation study exploring how school-based educators define and practice “inclusion”, as it relates to students with “special education needs”, in the wake of massive socio-economic inclusive education reforms in Chile.

Most of her doctoral research focused on developing a context-responsive, universally-designed, inquiry science tablet app to address the illegal dearth of educational access common in juvenile justice facilities. Bosch has taught and facilitated co-design research/evaluation in these settings, community-based alternative education for young mothers, nonprofit educational organizations and independently-operated public charter schools in her hometown of Washington, DC.

She also holds master’s degrees in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University and Special Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities from American University, as well as a B.A. in English from the University of Vermont. She is interested in advancing the politics, programs and policies that support robust public education systems where youth, workers and families from the full spectrum of cultural backgrounds thrive.

Dr. Yasar Nur Dedeoglu 

Assistant Professor
Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Dr. Yasar Nur Dedeoglu is joining the Kremen School as an assistant professor in the department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation. Dedeoglu earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counseling and Guidance from Hacettepe University in Turkey. Originally from Turkey, she earned a study abroad scholarship to pursue her graduate studies in the United States when she was working as a school counselor in Istanbul, Turkey.

She obtained her master’s degree in Counselor Education with a concentration in School Counseling from Ohio University and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from the Pennsylvania State University.

Dedeoglu has experience working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds in a variety of settings including schools, mental health clinics, private practice and career centers. She is passionate about sharing her experiences with her students and train future counselors as leaders, advocates, collaborators and system change agents. She is also dedicated to research and service to help marginalized children and teens overcoming the systemic barriers to their wellness and academic success.

Dr. Ramar Henderson

Assistant Professor
Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Dr. Ramar Henderson is joining us from the University of Southern Indiana where he taught in the College of Science, Engineering and Education. He may have traveled far to get here, but he isn’t new to the CSU system. Henderson completed a B.A. in Sociology from CSU Sacramento and an M.S. in Kinesiology from CSU Long Beach before he went across the country to earn a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Henderson is passionate about helping future human service professionals increase their sensitivity to the narratives of marginalized people. He is also passionate about mentorship and how it can be used to help students thrive as people and professionals. 

Dr. Kristina Rios 

Assistant Professor
Department of Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education

Dr. Kristina Rios is an assistant professor of Special Education. Her research interests include parent advocacy for Latinx families of children with significant disabilities. Rios’ research examines how Latinx parents advocate for services for their children with disabilities. Additionally, Rios conducts research examining the impact of special education on parental stress and well-being.

To address this gap in the literature, Rios developed a dedicated research program on Latinx families of children with significant disabilities, the systemic barriers they face in the education system and interventions geared at mitigating disparities and improving outcomes in this demographic. Specifically, Rios conceptualized and implemented a twelve-hour advocacy training intervention: Familias Incluidas en Recibiendo Mejor Educación Especial, also known as Families Included in Receiving Better Special Education, a training program for Latinx families of children with disabilities. The purpose of this advocacy program is to help Latinx parents increase their special education knowledge, advocacy, empowerment, receipt of services and decrease stress.

Dr. Wei-Mo Tu 

Assistant Professor
Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Dr. Wei-Mo Tu has a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling at the National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan and a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Tu is a certified rehabilitation counselor and was a full-time supported employment specialist and vocational evaluator in a community-based rehabilitation agency in Taiwan. During his doctoral training, Tu received advanced clinical training at the Journey Mental Health Center, the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center in William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center providing mental health counseling, vocational rehabilitation counseling, and neuropsychological assessment.

Tu worked as an assistant professor at the University of North Texas for three years. His areas of interest are psychosocial outcomes of people with disabilities, counselor education, as well as measurements and psychometrics. He has published seventeen research articles in refereed journals and two book chapters.

One thought on “Get to know Kremen’s newest faculty members

  1. A warm welcome to Kremen School of Education and Human Development’s five of our newest faculty members to Fresno State! Wow! What an amazingly talented group of faculty! You will make a difference in our community and in our students!


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