Meet The Kremen Communications Team

Fresno State’s mission is to promote student success and support academic goals, facilitate student engagement, learning and leadership, while providing quality student-centered services and programs with integrity and professionalism. In order to accomplish this undertaking, our college relies on teamwork, collaboration and a broad range of skill sets belonging to a burgeoning pool of creative minds. Here at the Kremen School of Education and Development, we strive to emulate this approach by relying on a vast array of talents, perspectives, backgrounds, and specialities. Following this model allows us to provide the highest quality of education, assistance, and guidance to those we serve. We encourage creativity and compassion in the workplace and appreciate the unique capabilities of each member of our staff. 

The Kremen Communications Team is an ideal reflection of this mission. Here, we promote the numerous programs, initiatives, clubs, organizations, and projects that are housed within the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. Our team ensures that students and visitors are kept up-to-date with the latest events, seminars, and career fairs happening both within Kremen and on the extended campus. We also spotlight the many revered faculty members, program leaders, and talented students who study within the school. It is our mission to shed light on the wonderful work and progress made possible by the Kremen community, as they continue to grow and prosper. Every time an award is issued, a body of work published, or a degree awarded, we ensure that the individual responsible for the accomplishment is highlighted on all of our platforms. We believe that the tremendous strides our students, teachers, and faculty have made deserve formal recognition. 

Our team is unique as it is comprised of a mixture of student assistants, interns, and communication specialists. We have a vast array of talented article writers, social media promoters, videographers, photographers, web designers, and graphic artists who are constantly producing content to be featured not only on the Kremen site, but also through our blog posts, social media uploads, and newsletter releases. We allow interns to mentor with a professional in their field of study, whether that be creative writing, photography, or computer technology. By receiving guidance and training, these interns are able to acquire valuable career skills and polish their resumes for future positions. Our communication assistants also learn how to develop professionalism and improve their craft as they are presented with assignments to strengthen their skills, while also earning money to assist with tuition and housing costs. To learn more about our gifted team members you can explore our newly constructed Communications Team website which houses their finished work and numerous accomplishments! 

(Written by Audra Burwell, a Creative Writing student employed by the Kremen School of Education and Human Development .)

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