Fresno Family Counseling Center Student Spotlight: Ream Moharam

As a young girl born in the Central Valley, Ream Moharam relocated to her family’s home country of Yemen when she was nine-years-old. Meeting and getting to know more deeply her extended family, her culture, her faith, and herself in Yemen was an invaluable experience. One of the things that was always emphasized by her parents was the importance of education. Going to Yemen was challenging, but Ream conveyed that it provided wonderful memories and taught her valuable lessons of perseverance. 

Unfortunately, as turmoil in the Middle East unfolded, it became clear to Ream’s parents that they needed to leave Yemen or they might never make it out. She relates the tale of “escaping” from her family’s home country by taking several buses (because the airports were closed) from Yemen to Saudi Arabia to Turkey before Ream and her family could finally fly back to re-start their lives in Fresno. 

Ream applied to the Masters of Science program in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling after earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fresno State.  As part of her training, Ream has served as a marriage and family therapist student-trainee at the Fresno Family Counseling Center (FFCC)

Ream has a gift for working with children and teens. Using Child-Centered Play Therapy that was taught to her in the MFCC program, Ream can be found in a therapy room reflecting feelings of a young child of families who also had migratory experiences in their family’s lives. Her tenderness and insight provides hope and healing for the families and children she treats in therapy sessions. She has found joy and satisfaction helping the children learn to ground themselves and focus through the play activities she implements. 

Ream feels a special concern for teens and young adults from the Muslim community. There’s still much stigma about mental health concerns in her community. Her work has focused on helping that population reduce self-harm and suicide in their community. After she graduates in December, Ream hopes to continue her work of promoting awareness of the mental health needs in the Muslim community. 

Ream reflects on her educational experience at Fresno State fondly. “The counseling classes require lots of self-reflection, which helped shape my morals and values,” said Moharam. “I feel it is a privilege to have these opportunities.” 

Ream’s counseling work has extended beyond FFCC. She also serves as peer consultant/teaching assistant for clinical courses by helping train students coming through the program behind her.

“Ream is a bright spot in our program and our center,” said Dr. Kyle N. Weir, Professor of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling at Kremen and Director of the Fresno Family Counseling Center. “She’s an amazingly talented therapist, but goes about quietly and humbly helping her clients and peers alike. She is going to do impressive things in our field and make a huge difference in many, many lives. She epitomizes what we hope to produce as we train counselors and therapists who will change the world for good,” said Weir.

As a fully self-funded, non-profit venture, the FFCC endeavors to serve those most in need and provides low-cost counseling to those struggling financially. The  FFCC trains all of the students of Fresno State’s MS in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling to serve the community members of the Central Valley. Providing over 10,000 sessions a year to help meet the mental health needs of the Central Valley in English, Spanish, and Hmong, as well as other languages depending upon the students’ linguistic abilities. 

Over two-thirds of FFCC’s clientele have an income level at or below the Federal Poverty Level. Contributions from the community help provide direct mental health services to those most in need in our Central Valley. 

(Written by Dr. Kyle M. Weir, Professor of Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling)


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