Internship Spotlight: Cristofer Araujo

Cristofer Araujo

Cristofer Araujo is currently interning both at the Fresno State Kremen School of Education and Human development, as well as at Fresno City College with the Dream Center, while also pursuing his masters in Student Affairs and College Counseling (SACC) which he will be receiving in spring of 2022. Cristofer’s internship at Kremen has prepared him in a variety of ways by allowing him to work directly with students, integrating what he has learned in the classroom into his academic sessions, as well as gaining the experience he’ll need when he finishes his master’s degree and begins searching for employment.

He has been learning new programs such as PeopleSoft and Bulldog Connect, while also gaining crucial social skills. He enjoys making students feel validated by acknowledging what the student needs in order to provide them with the full assistance they require to get back on track with their academics and find balance in all aspects of life. Providing friendly customer service to each of the students that he contacts is one of the specialized approaches that Cristofer has acquired during his internship. Making every meeting approachable by establishing professional student relationships is something he prides himself on. 

One of the highlights of his internship at Kremen is being able to network with other professionals in his field and feeling welcomed by the academic community as they continue to treat him as a true professional. One of his favorite memories while interning was the first day he walked into the office. The staff warmly embraced him and welcomed him onto their team, involving Cristofer in all of their events and allowing him to connect with each of the members.

While interning, he also learned more about organizations such as the Student Support Network, discovering the numerous tools they provide for students who struggle with time management, exam anxiety, while also offering ways a student can achieve balance in their life.

Cristofer has also acquired many interpersonal communication skills during his internship, learning in great detail all of the procedures that students must perform in order to reach a specific point in their academic career, such as which forms to fill out and how to do so. He is now able to explain topics more thoroughly and create new ways to interact with students who may have a difficult time understanding particular procedures. The overall tone of his internship at Kremen is friendly, professional, inclusive and inviting, allowing his natural talents to grow and develop. 

(Written by Audra Burwell, a Creative Writing student employed by the Kremen School of Education and Human Development .)