Donor Gift Represents a Labor of Love for Huggins Center

It was a gift of inspiration from a Kremen alum that transformed a labor of love into a reality. 

It was a gift that turned an ordinary, empty classroom into a flourishing academic oasis for children. 

Brittney Randolph can’t help but be overwhelmed by the generosity of the gift bestowed by a Kremen alum that has now provided significant learning opportunities for the students and staff at the Joyce Huggins Early Education Center

Randolph, the Program Director for the Fresno State Programs for Children, still recollects fondly upon the impact of this gift and what it has done to provide more opportunities for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) learning. Randolph gave Chuck Hudelson a tour of the Huggins Center and in particular, a certain classroom that was “Reggio-inspired” from an innovative, four-pronged approach to education in Italy. This tour ignited his desire to donate the gift.

“The classroom that we were talking about was basically empty. We told him our ideas and what we envisioned for the room.”

said Randolph

All it took was one look at that empty classroom, paired with the inspiration of teaching, for a dream to become reality. From that point on, Randolph could tell how passionate Hudelson had become about the type of STEAM learning that was being taught at the Huggins Center. 

Randolph explained that they were actively seeking a donor who believed in their vision even before Hudleson came along. All it took was one look at an empty classroom for that search to end. Hudelson knew what needed to be done.

They needed chairs. They needed tables. They needed other basic classroom necessities to provide their students with the best possible learning experience. Dr. Hudelson stepped up, and delivered the ultimate gift of passion and generosity. 

Hudelson’s gift has now enabled them to purchase the STEAM  materials they need: microscope pens, light tables, projectors, coding pens. Randolph’s students now have the tools they require to help them succeed. 

“He told us to do whatever we wanted to do with the amount he gave us,” said Randolph. “He was just excited that these children could potentially learn things like this at such a young age.”

For Randolph, the gift serves as a constant reminder of the labor of love she and her staff share for the teaching of their students. The gift is not just about money; it’s about their passion for teaching. 

“We don’t always have the resources to do what we envision all the time. But when you have adequate financial resources, you can execute it exactly how you pictured it.”

Randolph explains.

After the “Reggio-inspired” themed classroom was completed, Randolph took snapshots of the room to share with Hudelson. She wanted him to see, firsthand, how his gift of generosity helped their vision come to fruition. “We wanted him to finally see the vision we had explained to him during that tour,” said Randolph. 

It was the best way for Randolph and her staff to say thank you for a gift inspired by love and vision.  

“The tears of joy that come from student parents at the end of the semester remind me why it is so important that we continue offering this opportunity to students, faculty, staff, and the local community,”

Randolph concludes. 

(Written by Jason Smithberg, Kremen Communications Specialist)

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