Office of Clinical Practice Created to Meet the Needs of District Partners

In an effort to assist local K-12 district partners and the growing demand for counseling and mental health professionals, Kremen created the Office of Clinical Practice to address teacher shortages, educator burnout, and mental health issues at all levels of public education and in the community.  

The lack of staffing and capacity to serve Central Valley children and community members is at a critical juncture. The efforts to help local K-12 districts ease the strain of teaching shortages, counselor and coach placements, and education placement programs have ramped up tremendously. What can be done to support these issues? That is where OCP comes in.

All of the services that OCP provides are designed to strengthen the K-12 community through: 

  • Teacher Education
  • Counseling Education and Rehabilitation
  • University Experts in their field
  • Offering District Partners Best Practices
  • Diversity in K-12 schools in the Central Valley 

Kremen’s role in assisting with this process is to help merge academics and social emotional learning in today’s post-COVID-19 climate. OCP was created to increase capacity to best meet the needs of our districts and stakeholders in teacher education and counseling education and rehabilitation; to provide a strategic infrastructure that is universal to all districts and community organizations; create a systematic approach that honors the new landscape of K-12 education; and understand the unique needs of our stakeholders, and help them make the necessary changes to support them.  

OCP provides a structured system that has experts in specific fields designed to address all of these needs in a professional and coordinated manner. We are excited to welcome the new experts who make OCP such an important part of Kremen’s support with our local K-12 district partners: 

  • Annie Nunez – Field Placement Analyst: she works closely with both placement and program coordinators to ensure Kremen students are placed in their clinical sites.
  • Chris Cooper – Teacher Placement Coordinator: Chris is responsible for teacher placement for all of the district partners in the Central Valley. 
  • Imelda Dudley – Counselor Placement Coordinator: Imelda is responsible for coordinating internships and field placements for students within the Counselor, Education, and Rehabilitation Department. 
  • Itzel Montoya – Department Administrative Assistant: Itzel is responsible for managing and supporting teacher education placement, teacher internship pathway, and counselor education placement.  

For more information about the Office of Clinical Practice, please click on this link


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